Beef & Vegetable Marinade

Made from a select brand of gluten-free specialty herbs and all-natural spices.

The Urban Accents® special spices feature cracked pepper, garlic, and red pepper along with nine other seasonings. Each kit includes a heavy-duty marinating bag. 

To marinate, simply add the seasoning packet and 1/4C olive oil, 1/4 C water, and 1 TBSP vinegar or apple juice and up to 4 loaded Fire Wire® skewers in the heavy duty marinating bag. Shake to distribute and allow to sit for 20 minutes before grilling.

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  • consumer

    Beware - the FIREWIRE skewer marinating kit DOES NOT contain any firewire -
    just marinade and a ziplock bag, even though the selling container is elongated
    and shows the wire being used to make skewers. Totally deceptive marketing
    don't you think?

    mike dawley 06/11/2016

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Beef & Vegetable Marinade

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