Original Flexible Fire Wire

Allows you to marinate foods right on the wire, inside the bag, without having to handle them numerous times, and holds twice as much as traditional skewers. Design allows it to remain cool to the touch, allowing it to be turned or removed from the grill without the use of other tools. Dishwasher safe and lifetime guarantee. 

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  • Mr.

    The best product ever, throw out the rest of the skewers. Easy to wash easy to use Great great product!!!!!!!

    Orville Saunders 08/26/2014
  • LOVE this product

    • no more messing about with wooden sticks - that burn
    • load em up and cook - easy peazy
    • re-usable
    • clean up on dishwasher

    Kate 11/14/2014

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Original Flexible Fire Wire

The original flexible, cable-style skewer allows effective use of maximum space on the grill.